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Climate Solutions for Investment Professionals
Climate Value-at-Risk (CVaR) is designed to provide a forward-looking and return-based valuation assessment to measure climate related risks and opportunities in an investment portfolio. The fully quantitative model offers deep insights into how climate change could affect company valuations.

Climate Value-at-Risk is now available from MSCI ESG Research »

Increase portfolio returns

Asset managers interested in key performance optimization can use climate risk data to identify outperformance in their portfolios.

Reduce financial losses

Get ahead of your competition by executing a downside risk-protection strategy and reporting your progress to regulators.

Improve sustainability

Embed sustainability matters within the C-suite of your firm and comply with regulations before they are enacted.

Solutions for Financial Professionals

Our product is used and validated by the market. Find out how you can use Climate VaR™.

Investment Managers

Carbon Delta’s solutions for investment managers provide the actionable insight you need to evaluate climate change risks on security level and identify alpha factors in low carbon technology innovation.

Asset Owners

Carbon Delta’s solutions for asset owners provide insight into long-term climate change impacts with regards to your asset allocation, direct investments, and investments in external managers. It furthermore allows you to streamline your climate-related regulatory disclosure.


Carbon Delta’s solutions for banks provide insights into identifying optimal low carbon investment projects in an interconnected economy and across sectors. The quantitative model furthermore helps to protecting credit portfolios from climate-related physical and regulatory impacts as well as providing an assessment framework to disclose climate-related risks and opportunities.

Insurance Companies

Carbon Delta’s solutions for insurance companies provide insights into the future physical impacts of climate change and how this is affecting insurance premiums. Applying Carbon Delta’s Climate VaR will furthermore help to lower the market risks in any diversified investment portfolio.


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