Comprehensive Climate Change Risk Management
CARBON DELTA exposes climate risks in the financial markets, which enables companies to protect assets, optimize performance and reach sustainability goals.

Climate Value-at-Risk (VaR)
Your key to performance optimization

Increase Your Portfolio Returns

Asset managers interested in key performance optimization can use climate risk data to identify outperforms in their portfolios.

Reduce Financial Losses Due to Climate Change

Substantial financial losses from climate change will materialize by mid-century. Get ahead of your competition by executing a downside risk-protection strategy and reporting your progress to regulators.

Engage More Effectively With Firms in Your Portfolio

Speak confidently with companies about future climate change costs and how to plan for or reduce these costs over time.

Improve Your Sustainability

Embed sustainability matters within the C-suite of your firm and connect with the public institutions that you count on. Comply with regulations before they are enacted.

What is Climate Value-at-Risk?

Climate VaR is a tool to quantify climate change risks in a framework that is applicable across investment portfolios.

Climate change impacts company A

CARBON DELTA calculates company A’s cost of climate change

Carbon Delta shows impact on company A’s stocks & bonds

CARBON DELTA calculates the possible impact on a portfolio including company A

Managing climate-related risk is increasingly critical to financial stability.

—Michael R. Bloomberg, Chair Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

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Climate VaR data subscriptions

Protect your portfolio from downside risk and optimize your performance.

Carbon foot printing services

The most comprehensive portfolio footprinting on carbon emissions & energy use.

Compliance & reporting support

Our specialists can help you with upcoming risk disclosure requirements.

Customized Consulting

Prepare your company for climate change with our tailored IT support.