Our Team

Our team consists of financial, policy, technology and software engineering experts. Our experts understand climate change risks, at qualitative and quantitative levels, and the policies, practices and measures available for investors and companies to manage and reduce these risks over time.

Oliver Marchand

CEO & Co-Founder

I started Carbon Delta in June 2015 when I realized that the economic effects of climate change have started to really affect the financial markets.

Elke Schaper

Head of Software Engineering & Co-Founder

I wish to invest my skills to create a sustainable future.

David Lunsford

Head of Development & Co-Founder

Let's better assess systemic risks within the capital markets in order to align assets with a more sustainable future.

Sara Stocker

Business Operations Manager

It is crucial that we understand the future effects of climate change on today’s economy to ensure a sustainable future.

Amir Habchi

Data Analyst

Being emotionally invested in climate change is not enough. By uncovering the economics of climate change, I strive to get financial markets invested by cost.

Phanos Hadjikyriakou

Data Engineer

The potential impact that Carbon Delta has in reducing our global carbon footprint is astonishing. I feel extremely privileged to contribute to this goal.

Stefan Zoller

IT Management

Working on climate change-related financial data models provides the opportunity for me to be part of a change towards a more sensible future for all of us.

Kerstin Whitmer

Visual Design & Social Media Management

Carbon Delta combines fast-paced startup life and the possibility to create a product with real impact.

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