Why Carbon Delta

CARBON DELTA is a research firm that specializes in identifying and analyzing the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. We identify how much a company’s value is possibly affected by climate change. This allows our clients to protect assets, optimize performance and reach sustainability goals

Our Mission

We are uniquely equipped to analyze portfolios for climate change. Our team has a strong academic and professional background. We are working on a highly innovative concept and are located in the heart of an international hub for asset management – Zürich.

Our Advantages

Carbon Delta strives to make the Climate Value-at-Risk assessment the industry standard for analyzing the climate change risk exposure of companies, thereby factoring climate change into investment decisions by default.

Team Expertise

Our team consists of financial, policy, technology and software engineering experts. Our experts understand climate change risks, at qualitative and quantitative levels, and the policies, practices and measures available for investors and companies to manage and reduce these risks over time.

Location in downtown Zürich

Zürich is an international hub for asset management and is home to several of the world's best researchers on sustainable investing. CARBON DELTA is therefore properly placed to enter this field while surrounded by like-minded professionals, from whom it can gain insights and experience. Our direct vicinity to ETH Zürich and Universität Zürich make it a optimal place for academic cooperations and the hiring of young people interested in starting a career.

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