This year, Slipstream Sports, who owns Tour de France team Cannondale-Drapac, decided to take the attention they generate during the Tour, and concentrate that publicity on the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global temperature increase to less than 2ºC. Throughout the entire event, the team wore white socks emblazoned with a <2? logo.

“We started <2? as an initiative for our pro cycling team and athletes to showcase our dedication to confronting climate change,” said president of Slipstream Sports, Matt Johnson. As part of the <2? effort, the team is going through the review process that <2? is setting up for all corporate partners to verify their carbon emissions. They will then implement a verifiable carbon emissions reduction initiative.

Tour de France runner-up Rigoberto Urán, Oliver Marchand, Miura Hawkins

As big cycling fans, CARBON DELTA is excited to support the <2? initiative. Our CEO, Oliver Marchand, went to Paris this weekend to speak to Matt Johnson about our shared goal to maintain global temperature increase to less than 2? and congratulate Team Cannondale-Drapac's Rigoberto Urán on his great tour and 2nd place.

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