Helen, one of our data scientists, is an environmental engineer working on model development and data analysis at Carbon Delta. When she is not modeling data, she likes to hike in the Swiss alps and explore good coffee shops in Zürich.


Helen Droz


Data Scientist

Why do you want to work for Carbon Delta?

At Carbon Delta we use Big Data to uncover and quantify the prevalent and growing climate risk in financial assets. Novel focus on a new problem means uncapped impact.

Short Background

I am an environmental engineer which specialized in modeling carbon emissions. During my studies and research I used and developed different approaches to couple economic activities to carbon emissions.Prior to Carbon Delta, I was at Swiss Re, where I worked on a model to quantify the carbon risk of insurance portfolios.

Work Experience

  • Internship at the Sustainability Risk team at Swiss Re + other previous internships in climate protection
  • Scientific collaborator at the Chair of Ecological Systems Design ETH


Master in environmental engineering ETH Zurich

What will you be working on at Carbon Delta

Model development, (e.g. Real Estate Model), data analysis

What do you like to talk about?

I like to talk about cool hikes in the Swiss alps and explore good coffee shops in Zurich.

Fun fact about you

Totally crazy about salt and vinegar chips.