Our Data Scientist Pedro grew up in Portugal, went to university in Lisbon and later lived in Cambridge (UK), Zurich and Geneva. Now back in Zurich, he works on model development and data analysis at Carbon Delta.


Pedro Vieira


Data Scientist

Why do you like working at Carbon Delta?

Working at Carbon Delta is a great opportunity for me to use my skills and knowledge to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Short Background

I’m originally from Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal, just across the Douro river from Porto. After reaching adulthood I adopted a more nomad lifestyle and since then have lived in Lisbon, Cambridge (UK), Zurich, Geneva and now Zurich again. I’ve always been passionate about solving problems and growing up I enjoyed competing in all sorts of mathematics competitions. Nowadays I spend my free time traveling, doing sports and rejoicing in the beautiful Swiss nature! 🙂

Work Experience

  • Systematica Investments | Graduate Researcher | 2018
  • ETH Zürich | Scientific Assistant | 2013-2017


University of Cambridge | MASt Mathematics
ETH Zurich | Ph.D. Mathematics

What are you working on at Carbon Delta?

I work mostly on software engineering tasks, model development and data analysis. I’m also the product manager of our technology models.

What do you like to talk about?

Sports, food, politics and random nerdy facts.

Fun fact about you

You know that guy whose voice you can hear in the middle of any busy party, regardless of how far you are? I’m that guy. Not the best superpower to have when discussing office gossip…